Our lunches. Expect tasty goodness with surprises.

Pea Soup with Ham

Pea Soup with Ham

When you come to lunch at the Mount Shasta Pastry shop, you can expect regular tasty goodness with daily surprises. You can always count on our regular lunch menu items and homemade soup every weekday. But please expect to be surprised by our daily soup specials whether it’s Hungarian Mushroom, Carrot Ginger, Minestrone, Clam Chowder, or an inspired one by Chef Steve Hector.

Gourmet Pan Pizzas by the Slice
We also always have two types of pizza made on homemade dough. One for vegetarians, one for meat eaters. Call us to find out what just came out of the oven at  (530) 926-9944.  Our soups and our pizza are an excellent combination with our regular salads–our famous Caesar Salad and our House Salad that comes with candied walnuts, cranberries.

Mushroom Pot PieChicken Pot Pies and Mushroom Pot Pies? They were a welcome surprise for our customers this winter. While they are not on our regular menu, we have been offering them every few weeks. Please call us.



Fresh Pizza Every Weekday

Every day for lunch we serve our “House” pizza, which is our vegetarian option, and our “Chef” pizza for our carnivorous customers. Both are different every day. The House pizza could include red onions, basil, and bell pepper, for example. Our chef might include pepperoni or ham. Both types of pizza are made on homemade dough made right here under our roof. A lot of customers will get a half a caesar or house salad with that. (Oh, and we serve generously large pieces, too.)

Mushroom Pot Pies

Mushroom Pot Pies at the Mount Shasta Pastry are made with three different types of mushrooms–Cremini, Oyster and Shitake Mushrooms–in a creamy white wine and herb sauce. When Chanterelles come in season, we’ll add those, too. And of course we have Chicken Pot Pies. Call us to make sure, we haven’t run out. (530) 926-9944.