About the Chef

The Making of Bear Claws Classically trained Chef Steve Hector began his cooking career over 30 years ago. After being a world class soccer player and a student at UCLA, he decided to be a chef and enrolled at the Culinary School at Cabrillo in Santa Cruz. His professional experience runs the gamut — from fine dining at resorts, to breakfast and lunch restaurants, to bistros. He’s proud to say he’s never worked in a burger joint.

He blends a French continental style with cutting-edge California Country cuisine that customers far and wide keep coming back for. What’s his secret? Fresh food and the right amount of seasoning. Staying away from shortening and saturated fats, he cooks and bakes with canola oil, olive oil, butter, and natural dairy. He’s thankful he has access to the fresh food that’s available in California.

Although his cooking style is quite sophisticated, there is something for everyone at his shop. He offers a daily pizza with homemade dough, one for meat lovers and one for vegetarians. He or one of his able staff prepare fresh salads and soups daily. And for those who want just a snack, there are world class pastries, Peet’s coffee and espresso drinks. (Yes, Steve is also an accomplished pastry chef, too.)

His passion for cooking is obvious. You’ll always find an inspired daily special on week days and weekends alike. Stop by at his little shop on the main drag of the City of Mt. Shasta. You won’t be disappointed.






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